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Why a Funerals360 Pre-Plan?

Choose how you want to be remembered with Funerals360 Pre-Planning Packages.

Funerals360 Pre-Planning programs are 100% independent of the funeral industry. Which means that our Pre-Plans focus on you and your family's needs exclusively.

*YOU* control all aspects of your funeral arrangements, on your terms.

*YOU* decide if you want to pre-pay and we give you the tools to help you make the decision.

*YOU* are the author your pre-plan - not a funeral home or cemetery telling you what you can and cannot do. Edit it as often as you like, store your data securely online and share it with those you choose to give access to.

Our independent Family Advocates are here to listen and advise, ensuring peace-of-mind for both you and your family with your Funerals360 Pre-Plan.

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