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Return Home Travel Assurance Plan

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The Funerals360 "Return Home" Travel Assurance Plan is a repatriation plan that guarantees the return of your whole body or cremated remains in the case of a death more than 75 miles from your home. One call will ensure the timely, compassionate repatriation at no cost beyond the initial lifetime membership enrollment.



Unlike insurance, the Funerals360 Return Home Travel Assurance Plan provides a lifetime benefit that brings you home, not to the nearest port, consulate, or international airport. The membership plan covers all of the services provided with no financial cap and no additional expenses for those services. There are no exclusions to pre-existing conditions, no age restrictions, or extreme sports.

*Legal residence is defined as the place of residence of 180 or more days in the twelve months preceding the date of death. It will require verification through voter registration, driver’s registration, and/or other means. A nursing home will be deemed the residence if the stay there has exceeded 180 days.

How The Plan Works
Plan Qualifications
  1. Member must be 75 miles or more away from their legal residence
  2. You can not be traveling away from home more than 6 months or 180 consecutive days.
  3. You can not be in a "Do Not Travel" list country. You and your family will have the choice of shipping the whole body back or cremated remains back from anywhere in the world, to the location of your choice (it does not need to be your listed "home.")

The Return Home Travel Assurance Plan and transportation benefits are powered by American Pre-Arrangement Services, Inc. (APASI), the world's largest provider of domestic and international pre-arrangement assistance services and are fully insured with an international travel assistance network that has serviced Fortune 500 firms for more than 20 years.


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